Deployment Path

This page jots down a very high level, plans to “What’s to come in the Future” from the MN-Mesh Team.

  • In the coming months our plans are to host regular meetings to discuss the framework and implementation of a large wireless data network in the Twin Cities.  Our aim is to develop standards so that interoperability can be assured at all stages of the MESH lifecycle.
  • One of the objectives of the MN-Mesh project is to enable a true-fail-safe, self-healing, discovering mesh network.  Every project currently underway or being planned is toward this goal to better serve the community at large
  • Another idea for the MN-Mesh Project is to enable a fail-safe Mesh network for the current MN-DMR network of DMR Repeaters (more here  While this effort is a much larger project involving several moving parts, strategy and so on and forth., this is one of our aspirations and we strive to reach that goal

Stay tuned for more information

73, The MN-Mesh Team