Bloomington Summer Fete Deployment

About the Project:

In collaboration with the Bloomington Communications Group (BCG), the Hennepin County Sheriffs Department Communications Response Team (HCSO CRT), and several subject matter experts, we deployed a temporary ‘Proof Of Concept’ microwave data network to support public safety operations.

The goal of this deployment was to connect the city’s Emergency Operations Center (EOC) with the mobile communication vehicle at the event.  This provided connectivity for basic services like web browsing as well as advanced services in the form of VoIP and remote surveillance cameras.

Project Deployment Equipment and Site Details:

  • The project utilized Ubiquity 5Ghz radios & antennas on top of the Bloomington City Hall and a Private building.
  • This link formed the primary backhaul.
  • On site at the event,
    • An Ubiquity 2.4Ghz Antenna on the same building as the backhaul equipment provided up/downlink capabilities for the communications vehicle and other deployed equipment throughout the park.



Install Pictures (courtesy N0NKI – Eric):


73, The MN-Mesh Team